Enhancing patient outcomes and practice performance through virtual health technology.

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Today's Health Care Challenges

Today's general practitioners, and other health care professionals are challenged by a greater number of patients requiring a higher degree of care across a wider range of fronts than ever before in history.

Technology enhanced care can help to solve some of these challenges.

Technology Based Consultations – Virtual Healthcare

Health Professionals already regularly engage in technology based patient consultations, but there are challenges:

  • Security and privacy is critical
  • Cost recoverability is important to Practice and Health Professional sustainability
  • Clinician-driven, patient centric functions are also important

What is Welio?

Welio has partnered with Microsoft to co-develop a secure, virtual health platform that can deliver audio as well as audio-visual patient consultations.

Welio also enables clinicians to schedule, conduct and receive same-day remuneration.

But it's not just videoconferencing.

Welio will also enable clinicians to:

  • Activate self-directed care kits developed by independent, credible peak bodies.
  • Monitor biometric data captured from compatible devices.
  • Instantly message patients and their care team members.
  • Generate evidence-based, chronic disease management plans with a single touch.
  • Seamlessly connect and refer patients for speciality consultations.
  • Welio is cloud based, so all of this can be done from anywhere, anytime.

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